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DevFest Romania 2015, Cluj-Napoca

November 12-13, 2015

Grand Hotel Napoca

Octavian Goga Street
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Grand Hotel Napoca

The Biggest Google tech conference from Romania: DevFest 2015

The biggest Google tech conference from Romania happened in Cluj-Napoca on November 12-13, 2015, thanks to The HACK and Google Developer local communities: GDG Bucharest, GDG Cluj-Napoca and GDG Pitești.

This 2 day event joined together more than 250 professional Android and web developers, tech enthusiasts, IT&C students from Cluj, Bucharest, Brasov, Pitești, Timișoara, interested to share knowledge, to network and explore new learning tracks on mobile, UXD, Cloud and Web topics accompanied by tech rocks star speakers and experts.

Atlas Networking voice by Devfest Romania 2015 was our colleague Bogdan Nourescu – the only Google Cloud Platform Authorized trainer from Romania and a senior web developer.

Bogdan was speaker for the cloud track and delivered a presentation about Containers in the Cloud, and a comprehensive view on Kubernetes components. He was also on the agenda on the web track, and delivered a presentation about Polymer, a different way to build web.

Our colleague Bogdan Nourescu shared with DevFest audience about his expertise in web components, such as custom elements, shadow DOM, templates, HTML imports and more. His belief? Polymer is the new, leaner core library that makes it easier than ever to make fast, beautiful, and interoperable web component.

DevFest Day 2 brought Bogdan back on the Cloud track, this time with coding labs. Bogdan made an introduction into Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals, presented examples of using Google Cloud Platform, answered questions received from DevFest 2015 attendees and lead two coding labs for developers using Google Cloud Platform technologies (i.e. Google App Engine).