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Google Apps for Nonprofits Workshop

Sharing with volunteers and employees of nonprofit organizations how they can use Google Apps to improve their work

February 29, 2016

from 10:00 AM

Romanian-American Foundation

6, Gina Patrichi Street
Bucharest, Romania

Ramada Pitești

Google Apps for Nonprofits Workshop Experience

On February 29, 16, the representatives of 17 non-profit organizations joined the workshop “Google Apps for Nonprofits” organized by TechSoup Romania Association in partnership with Atlas Networking. We had a great experience together with beautiful people who are doing good things for all of us everyday. So we are but grateful to TechSoupRomania Association for inviting us to join the program “ONG Online. Prima Școală Digitală pentru ONG-uri“.

Topics of the workshop

Our trainer Ștefan Apăteanu – Founder of Atlas Networking & Google Top Contributor – presented to the audience Google Apps Admin Console, basic services (e.g. Gmail, Drive, Google Sites), additional Google services (e.g. Google Plus, Hangout on Air, YouTube, Google My Maps) and a demo for Google Docs (to convey how multiple users can work simultaneously in the same document).

Hands-on activities with the support of Atlas Networking team

During the hands-on activities included in the workshop the volunteers and employees of nonprofit organisations learned to activate a Google Apps for NonpProfits license, to setup the domain in order to activate Google Apps services, to setup the Google Apps dashboard by sub-organisations and to enable different functions divided by type of users (employees, volunteers), to manage multiple domains with the use of a single Google Apps dashboard, as well to migrate from a legacy solution (mail exchange) to Google Apps (this hands-on activity consisted in transfering the emails from the current accounts to the newly created Google Apps acounts in order to enable the users to acces the email communication prior to migration).

Thank you the nonprofit organisations Decât o Revistă, Asociatia Vivid Romania, Societatea Ornitologică Română and Adevaratii Veloprieteni Romania for engaging in the hands-on activities.