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Find what you need, fast

Google Search for Work™ delivers the blazing fast, highly relevant results customers and employees are looking for. Here are a few examples of how customers and employees are finding what they need fast.

Google Search Appliance™

Unlock your data with the power and relevance of Google Search, customized and secured in an appliance for use inside your business.

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Google Site Search™

Add the power of Google.com technology to your website’s search box, helping customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

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Get more out of your intranet

Give employees powerful tools to search for people, data and documents, from HR to IT – and beyond.

Empower employees

Employees need accurate, relevant information to make smart decisions. The Google Search Appliance helps them quickly find what they need, so they can stay productive.

Increase productivity

Knowledge workers spend a lot of time searching for existing information. Whether it’s company policies, project records or presentations, put essential documents and valuable information in the hands of employees so they can move fast and innovate.

Find anything, anywhere

The Google Search Appliance reads more than 220 file types, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDFs. Find information from databases, file systems and common repositories such as SharePoint, Livelink, Lotus Notes, Filenet, Documentum and many more.

Get more out of your extranet

Keep business moving and build better relationships by helping partners find the information they need.

Reduce partner support costs

Powering your support portal with the Google Search Appliance allows partners to find the answers they need, without tying up employees.

Leverage existing investments

Make the data in your extranet easier to find, letting partners quickly locate critical business information to support your common objectives.

Keep security permissions intact

The Google Search Appliance honors all of your applied security policies, so you can be sure users only find the content they are authorized to see.

Enhance your website

Increase traffic by making your public facing website more relevant, helpful and easier to navigate.

Increase site engagement

Google Site Search and the Google Search Appliance bring Google’s search expertise to your company’s website, helping visitors find exactly what they’re looking for.

Results that matter

The Google Search Appliance provides highly relevant search results and help visitors navigate them easily, with features like category filtering and document previews.

Improve customer support

Assist customers to quickly solve issues by using the Google Search Appliance to make information discoverable with a search driven self-service portal.

Streamline your engineering design process

Allow engineers, researchers and scientists to securely find design documentation, test results and research.

Increase the speed of innovation

Help engineers and researchers spend less time searching for existing information, so they can spend more time creating new ideas and processes that move your business forward.

Find product information quickly

The Google Search Appliance crawls and indexes document libraries, databases, file shares and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, securely delivering key engineering information.

Search designs and databases securely

Search while keeping security permissions intact, so sensitive or confidential information will only be shown to employees with the right access.

Optimize your customer support

Increase customer satisfaction by equipping support center agents with instant access to known issues and case files.

Cut agent training costs

Significantly reduce training costs by giving agents the familiar, easy to use Google Search interface. The Google Search Appliance can cut training costs by up to 25% per contact center agent.

Improve first-call resolution

The Google Search Appliance finds the exact information an agent is searching for, helping them quickly communicate accurate solutions to customer problems.

Boost agent productivity

When agents spend less time searching for the right information, they can focus on helping customers. The Google Search Appliance reduces average call times by up to 20%.

Organize your procurement

Streamline procurement and get the resources your business needs with easy to find purchasing information.

Quickly locate vital information

The Google Search Appliance puts every invoice, purchase order, bill of lading and contract securely at your fingertips.

Cut the cost of procurement

Effortless access to accurate information means procurement personnel can process purchase orders, reconcile deliveries and review invoices faster. Streamlined business means reduced costs.

Find information in ERP systems

The Google Search Appliance helps employees find information such as purchase order (PO) numbers or vendor details inside large ERP systems, all with the same ease as when they search the web on Google.com.

Energize your commerce

Turn browsing into sales and boost revenue by helping customers find the products they want.

Increase conversion rates

Spend less time fine-tuning search and more time managing your site. The Google Search Appliance delivers best-in-class relevance to customers, honed through billions of queries on Google.com.

Enhance user experience

The Google Search Appliance puts features such as Synonyms, Spellcheck, Query Suggest, and Dynamic Navigation to use for commerce websites, leading customers to find and buy the products they’re looking for.

Grow order values

Helping shoppers find the products they want leads to higher shopping cart values. The Google Search Appliance helps grow average order values by placing the right products in front of customers at the right time.